A Few Notes From November

Is it just me, or did November whiz by? As each week has gone by I’ve found myself getting more and more in the festive mood. Watching delightful Christmas adverts on TV, seeing Christmas lights switched on and watching the shops fill up with lots of Christmas goodies has all played a part.

And of course, there has been lots of lovely posts on here throughout November. In case you’ve missed any here are the links.

Wishing you a wonderful December


Ad Campaign: Hasan Hejazi Ad Campaign FW 16/17

Wedding: Sakina Paris Haute Couture 2016-2017

Wedding inspiration: Over The Moon

Fashion: Dennis Basso Spring 2017

Fashion: Enchanting Designs of Krikor Jabotian

Beauty: Dior Splendor Noel/Holiday 2016

Fashion: Debut Runway Collection From Heaven Gaia

Lifestyle: Inside Alexander McQueen’s Penthouse

Wedding: Elie Saab Bridal Fall 2017

Wedding: Frederika Arti Martesor’s French Fairytale

Fashion: Delvaux Poussière d’Etoiles Collection

Fashion: Maison Bohemique Demi Couture 2016/17


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