Classic Victoria Sponge Cake


The traditional Victoria Sponge Cake (also known as a Victoria Sandwich here in the UK) is a baking classic and a much loved English favourite. The easy to make sponge cake, with its fabulous filling of strawberry jam and whipped cream, is a versatile cake that Britain does so well.


Classic Victoria Sponge Cake


I recently stumbled upon the delightful Global Table Adventure. Owned by Sasha Martin her blog shares hundreds of recipes from every continent. From Swedish breakfast to Turkish Flatbread “Pizza” to French soup and All-American Apple Pie you can literally eat your way around the world.

I was surprised to find my own country’s humble Victoria Sponge Cake amongst Sasha’s other more exciting recipes from around the globe. Accompanied by some great photos, Sasha’s Victoria Sponge Cake is 100% inspired by another British classic, Mary Poppins – the magical English nanny from the children’s books written by P. L. Travers.

You can find the recipe for the delightful Victora Sponge Cake here.

Image used by kind permission of Sasha Martin

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