Designer Spotlight: Budism Couture

Haute Couture of The Highest Level of Artisanship & Uncompromising Luxury

As you have guessed by now I love fashion. But not just ordinary fashion. I’m not talking about what you and I wear everyday for work or in our downtime. I’m talking about the kind of haute couture that graces the red carpet or those fairytale gowns that dreams are made of.

I am in total admiration of this style of fashion . Not just because its looks wonderful, but because of the craftsmanship and the many hours that go into making these fabulous creations a reality. Behind every dress is a dedicated and talented team of seamstresses and embroiderers who spend many hours on intricate hand embroidery and sewing on thousands of tiny little embellishments on some of the finest materials available.

I recently came upon Budism Couture who is a prime example of a designer creating exactly the kind of dresses and who uses the exact kind of craftsmanship I’m talking about.

Created by Indonesian-born Budi Adji in 2014, the house specialises in one-off haute couture gowns. From wedding gowns, ball gowns, cocktail dresses, gala and party dresses, Budism’s designs are unique and bespoke.

Gowns are made from the finest European fabrics sourced from the leading textile houses in France and Italy and elaborately hand-embroidered with threads, crystals, and sequins by skilled artisans who have perfected their couture technique over several decades.

The attention to detail in these stunning masterpieces and the length of time it takes to create these designs is breathtaking.


The 'Angel Ballgown' by Budism Couture

The ‘Angel’ gown is a masterpiece haute couture creation dreamed up and created for a very special client for her Cinderella-inspired wedding. Using laborious manual couture techniques that involved 26 artisans in France, drawing on century-old skills passed down generations, this involved more than 3’500 hours of embroidery to create thousands of miniature flowers with moving petals made from over 250’000 sequins. The base fabric made from finest Italian lace was adorned with over 30’000 Swarovski crystals, creating a dazzling and sparkling effect.


The Angel Ballgown by Budism Couture



The 'Periwinkles Flowers' Gown

The ‘Periwinkles Flowers’ Gown – Multi-tone gown with layers of 3-D flower petals, adorned with specially selected super long strands of ostrich feathers, dangling sequin tassels, and Swarovski crystal balls.


The 'Periwinkles Flowers' Gown



The 'Twelve o'Clock' Party Dress

The ‘Twelve o’Clock’ Party Dress – Blue cocktail dress with snowflakes embroidery in silver and aquamarine Swarovski crystals.


The 'Twelve o'Clock' Party Dress



The 'Kalahari Red Flowers' Gown

The ‘Kalahari Red Flowers’ Gown – Two-toned gown in shades of desert sand, coral and intense reds adorned with high-density embellishments of sequins, beads, 3-D flowers and more than 10,000 Swarovski crystals.


The 'Kalahari Red Flowers' Gown

Photos: Budism Couture


For more information on Budism Couture visit their website

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