Five Fashion Illustrators To Follow On Instagram

These illustrators, many of whom have lent their talents to prestigious labels like Dior and Burberry all use Instagram to show off their work, giving their followers an insight into their illustration process to new works they’ve created.

To introduce you to these super talented fashion illustrators I’ve rounded up another five of my favourites for you to follow for their stylish sketches.

SANDY M Illustration

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Watercolours with a touch of ink to accentuate details of sophisticated girls that portray glamour, fun and style.

Sunny Gu


A Los Angeles-based fashion & beauty illustrator. Born in China her mainly watercolour illustrations are full of vibrant colours, rich details and delightful feelings. Clients include among others Vogue, Versace and Dolce&Gabbana.

Shamekh Bluwi


A Jordanian architect, visual artist and fashion illustrator most famous for his beautiful paper cut-outs with women who’s dresses become made out of whatever you hold them against.

Doll Memories


Ira Comleva is a twenty-something who likes to bring hope and positive emotions through her fashion illustrations. Ira draws all the artwork for the clothing brand Doll Memories.

H.Nichols Illustration


Artist Holly Nichols merges her love of fashion and art using creative markers. Holly has created fashion illustrations for TRESemmé, Saks Fifth Avenue, Disney and many others.

Do you love fashion illustrations? I’d love to hear who your favourite illustrators are. Leave a reply below.

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