Miss Dior – A Fragrance of Freedom

Miss Dior is one of the most popular scents of all time. It was a fragrance that Christian Dior himself cherished, and the one he nurtured the longest before it was revealed. And there is a good reason why.


My perfumes!

I only have one, dear.  It is Miss Dior, my only child.

Christian Dior, Courturier Perfumer


The Creators Fragrance

Created in 1947, Miss Dior was Dior’s first fragrance. He wanted to surprise women and bring back their smile. He took his inspiration from his beloved younger sister Catherine. Catherine Dior had been a member of the Polish intelligence unit based in France during World War II. In 1944 she was arrested and deported to the women’s concentration camp in Ravensbrück. In 1945 she returned home and chose to be a young woman full of life and desire. Miss Dior inherited her spirit and became an adventurous heroine driven by the heart.

Photo Courtesy of Miss Dior

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