Sunday Brunch


What is nicer than Sunday Brunch? For me, it’s a time to relax after an often busy week, a chance for some much-needed downtime and a time to reflect. In my book, it’s one of my favourite ways to while away a Sunday morning. I can’t think of any better than enjoying a delicious brunch of coffee, pancakes and muffins with the best ingredient of all, the good company of family or friends.


Sunday Brunch


Rösti and Smoked Salmon


Ozone Coffee Roasters, London


Raspberry Muffins With Streusal Topping


Crisp (frizzled) eggs with sage and chilli


Sunday Cafe, Islington, London


Stack of Pancakes With Blueberry Compote


Strawberry Freezer Jam on Bread



Do you have a favourite Sunday Brunch meal or cafe that you regularly enjoy?


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