The Beautiful Macaron

It’s small, colourful, chewy and loved by many of us. The beautiful French macaron has become one of the sweet crazes in recent years, and with so many mouthwatering flavours to choose from it’s not hard to see why.


BOBO Display at Crêpe Parisienne – London


If you are a frequent visitor to some of London’s trendy cafes and hotels you’ve no doubt seen or eaten macarons from Bobo, a leading macaron company in the capital.


The macarons we offer are not unique because we say they are, they are unique because of the passion we put into every new flavour. And every new flavour is not just a new taste, it is a delightful experience for the palate and a surprise for yourself. Bobo


mouthwatering flavours


Don’t worry if you can’t visit London, you can order macarons straight from Bobo’s website. Their treat boxes contain a selection of their unique flavours such as Ginger and Chocolate, Pistachio and Rosewater and my personal favourite Coconut Cream and Cherry Glacé.


Gift Box





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Photos Bobo


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